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  2. Problems with Remote-Switches

    Hello Edward... thanks for your answer... As soon the actual Production is over and the new (with remote-switches) starts i will change to 7.9.2 Thanks, LLuk
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  4. Effect Chaser with Sunstrip 10ch

    Hi Fred, We don't yet have a more specific time frame yet other than the one Jon stated - looking to be Q1 or Q2 this year. Any queries let me know Edward
  5. Hi Jon, Do you have any expected release date for this linear fixture support on FLX S ? Many thanks. Regards, Fred
  6. Overall master fader

    Hi Nick, The 24 faders on the left hand side of the console can either be channels, or what we call "Playbacks". You can assign any of these Playbacks, plus the Master Playback fader under the touchscreen to be what we call a "Grand Master" fader, which allows you to control the overall output of the console. Hope that helps, any queries let me know Edward
  7. Overall master fader

    Hello, I am interested in buying a Zero88 FLX 24 but I heard that there is no overall master fader, only a playback master, will that be assignable as a master fader in the future?
  8. Problems with Remote-Switches

    Hello, After redesigning the Setup User Interface, this feature unfortunately isn't working. We have logged this as software issue reference ZOS-8379, due to be fixed in the next software release. Apologies for this, if you require this functionality I would recommend installing ZerOS 7.9.2 here... https://eatonfilesharing.app.box.com/v/zeros/file/129737291044 Any queries let me know Edward
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  10. Problems with Remote-Switches

    I use 7.9.3
  11. Problems with Remote-Switches

    Hey Everybody I am a new FLX User and i have a Problem with Macro-Remotes. I need for a Theater-Production several Remote-Switches all over the Stage. All the Switches remote the same Macro (recorded as Macro1, GO-Masterplayback) In the Setup/Inputs and Outputs i choose the Remote-Switches and press the Macro Softkey. I type the Macro-Nr. 1 than press Ok. But somehow it doesn't take it. The Nr. is still 0. I tried differents Macros, but the number is all the time 0. I tried "go to" and enter a cue and this works without any trouble. And a question...is there a possibility in the "manual Fader 2 way" mode to activate the GO Button..?? denks for Helping and sorry for my bad english...LLuk
  12. Touch screen not working

    Hi Phillip, Do you mean the screen built into the FLX or an external touch screen monitor? If the external screen, after you have started the Calibration, press the Update key and then see if the monitor is responding to touch. If the internal screen, sorry the Zero88 guys will have to help you out... Kevin
  13. Touch screen not working

    our new flx's touchscreen is not responding. i touched the whole screen but no response nor it detects my fingertips
  14. FLX Artnet ip-only network with ARRI Skypanels

    Hi Richard, You say the Skypanel’s Gateway is set to, do you mean subnet? If not what is their subnet set to (this should also be Have you tried disabling ArtNet, exiting Setup, reentering Setup and re-enabling ArtNet? This will do another manual search for devices. Are the Skypanels appearing in Network Devices in Setup? Hope that helps Edward
  15. FLX Artnet ip-only network with ARRI Skypanels

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help. I have 12 ARRI Skypanels networked using ethernet through a couple of small switches (they are on two hanging trusses) and plugged directly into the FLX console ethercon port. Skypanels are set up for Artnet on 10.x.x.x with gateway, DMX channels assigned correctly (12 channels per Skypanel). When I unplug the console and plug in a laptop running LightJams, all of the fixtures are detected and I can assign everything and control. However for the life of me I can't get it working with FLX. Artnet is set up on 10, and all the fixtures are added with correct channel assignments. Has anyone set up FLX using Artnet over a ip only network? Hoping someone has some wisdom to share. Thanks, Richard
  16. Dimmer check Jester board

    Hi Philip, What Jester are you using and dimmers are you checking? Personally to check several dimmers in one go I would address them all to DMX 1, and then that way you can test every dimmer all in one go. Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Edward
  17. Good day, I am using a new school that has a Jester board. I have over 100 dimmers to check.. Is there an easier way to do a dimmer check than having to patch a dimmer to a channel and then check via the channel? Thanks.
  18. Update failed?!

    Hello, Sorry to hear this. It sounds like to software update failed to install correctly. Therefore you will need to reinstall the software, and to do this you will require an external keyboard. The guide below talks you through how to do it... http://support.zero88.com/1016899781 Hope that helps and solves the issue, any queries let me know. Edward
  19. Update failed?!

    Hello everybody, after the update to 7.9.3 the console FLX S48 gets stuck during the boot process. The update was made via the .exe installtation on the console. How do I get the problem solved?
  20. any help welcomed

    Hi Andy. Latest Frog software is 10.12 but you can update the fixtures independently. Either look to a more recent fixture library from Zero88 with the fixtures you need or alternatively create your own fixture definition file using the fixture editor tool. All are downloadable from the Zero88 website. FrogOS 10.12: http://support.zero88.com/Legacy-products/Legacy-Consoles/Frog-Series/975242041/Frog-Series-Overview-Software.htm Fixture Library 34 (also read info on fitting on a 1.44MB floppy disk): http://support.zero88.com/Legacy-products/Legacy-Consoles/Jester-ML-TL-Series/975203021/Fixture-Library-Release-34-Jester-Series-Frog-Series-Illusion-500-Diablo-Sirius-250-500.htm Fixture Tools: http://support.zero88.com/975064841/Floppy-disk-Console-Fixture-Library.htm Kevin
  21. DMX Patching

    Hi Jimbo, Yes this is correct. Another function on the Jester to consider is Auxiliary control. Basically this allows a further 24 channels of switched control. Page 27 of the manual talks through this. Auxiliaries however don’t get recorded into your cues. Other than that there’s not really any other way of doing this, as you can only have 48 separate fader controls for your rig using the Jester 24/48- and you have 153 channels of control required. Submasters on the Jester are basically individual cues on faders. When in program mode, rather than tapping STORE to record the next available memory, tap a button under a fader, and then tap STORE. This lighting look is then able to be faded up in Run mode, using the bottom row of faders across 2 pages. Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Edward
  22. any help welcomed

    I do some freelance work for a local school that have a frog and bullfrog as desks in drama area. Have an Orb for main theatre tho that with upgrade is GREAT! What's latest version of Frog software that may accept some of the more modern LED units / moving heads? currently these desks are not being overly polite about refusing to like them as fixtures... :-)
  23. DMX Patching

    Thanks for the very quick reply, Edward I get your first sentence but the second one appears to contradict it? Or maybe not, after the 3rd sentence. Say I've recorded several (10) cues with fader 1 set to dmx 1. Then I re-patch dmx 256 to fader 1 and record several more (10) cues. I think your final sentence is saying that after the re-patch, all 20 cues now send fader 1 values to dmx 256, not dmx 1, but otherwise the output values aren't changed. In all, I've got 18 dimmer pack dmx channels for old school lamps, 14x6 dmx channels for 14 LEDs and 3x17 dmx channels for 3 chauvet battens. Total 153 dmx channels max. And 48 sliders to patch them to, but in any combination. For example I can patch all 14 LED master brightness dmx channels to one fader. I've done all that in previous shows - just trying to get a bit more ambitious now, by controlling LED lamps individually - but they gobble up dmx channels and hence faders. Seems like I can't do that by re-patching during the show programming. But is there any other way of doing it? Submasters maybe? I've not even worked out what they are yet, but now could be the time. thanks again for your help - I really appreciate the ability to learn and improve. jimbo
  24. DMX Patching

    Hi Jimbo, The Jester allows you to patch the console so that any fader can be any DMX address. A channel fader however can only be 1 (or multiple) DMX addresses at a time and won’t change patch throughout the show. When the manual describes the ability to change the patch without affecting memory data, it means you’ve got the ability to change channel fader 1 from DMX address 1 to be DMX address 256 for example, despite having recorded several cues/ submasters using channel 1. Then whenever Channel 1 was used DMX 256 is output at the recorded level, instead of 1. Hope that helps and makes sense, any queries let me know. Edward
  25. DMX Patching

    Hello all. I'm relatively new to a Jester 24/48, using it for a small amdram group to control up to 18 channels of conventional lamps through 3 betapak 3 dmx controlled dimmer packs (no problems) and many LED lamps. 14 of the LEDs use 6 dmx channels each and we have 3 chauvet battens which can use up to 17 dmx channels each. For some shows, I've managed to group the lamps and patch the dmx addresses so that one fader operates several dmx addresses and therefore lamps, but I'm struggling to get anything more complicated than that. The Jester Manual tells me that "The DMX patch may be changed at any time without affecting the memory data stored in the desk." So, when programming a show, I have tried re-patching the dmx addresses part way through a programme so that the faders control different aspects of different lamps at different times in the programme / show. But it doesn't work / remember the various states, so I wonder what I'm doing wrong. If I record Scenes 1 to 10 with one set of dmx patching, then change it all for scenes 11 to 20, then go back to scene 1 the new dmx addresses are there, not the ones I set for scene 1. I must admit I've only tried it on Phantom Jester so far to test it out and start a new show at home, but should this work? Many thanks in advance. jimbo
  26. Update 7.9.3 problem

    That's it !!! And I have 10 Selecon PLCYC2 too, and i don't want to "re-address" & "re-patch" all. My setup is stable, i keep it like this. too much technology "kills" technology Regards, Thierry
  27. Update 7.9.3 problem

    Hi Thierry, It's not about more cables/Universes, it's about patching your non-compliant fixtures at DMX addresses above 32 (or above 257) on the one universe you have installed. However I see you've listed some fixtures (LinearLeds 36x10W RGBW) that I'm sure gobble up DMX addresses so you may not have enough addresses from 257-512 to do this. Also you might not want to get involved in RDM fixture configuration if you have a stable setup using manual configuration that is working perfectly well (i.e. not using technology for technology's sake!). All the best. Kevin
  28. Update 7.9.3 problem

    Hi Kgallen, I think i've understood, but in the room where i'm working there's only one "DMX" cable connected to a splitter far away in an other room, then several "DMX" cables are dispatched where i need them. It's not physically possible (well, very complicated...) to install a second even a third cable, so that i could use several universes. I'm obliged to work like this and i can't do nothing about, 1 Universe and that's all, and with 1 Universe : no "workaround" , and with no "workaround" : no "RigSync" Regards, Thierry
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