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  2. ZerOS 7.9.4 Released

    Hi John, I'm having trouble updating ZerOS on our new FLXS console. I've created a USB stick showing:- Folder "install" File: "6q_bootscript" But when I try loading it from the load file option on the FLXS, there's nothing showing on the USB stick. I've tried two USB sticks and pressing the refresh button on the FLXS, but still the files are not there. Put the USB stick back into the PC and they're there on the drive. Any ideas?
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  4. Houselights / Independent Faders

    Edward - excellent explanation/example of Inhibit - I now understand how it works (and I might even use it now!!!)! Great job!
  5. Houselights / Independent Faders

    Hi Martin, The easiest way to do this is to Program with SmartTag disabled. SmartTag is an option you may have seen in the Record Options pop-up, that opens when you tap RECORD. If SmartTag is disabled, when you tap record only tagged parameters will be recorded. Tagged intensity parameters are displayed as red values in the output window, and tagged parameters are displayed with blue backgrounds behind their encoder displays. This therefore means channels from Playbacks will not get Recorded, as they are blue values rather than red. You can turn SmartTag off in the Record options pop up, by tapping Smart Tag so that it has a blue stripe next to it. The link Kevin sent a link to, is Jon explaining another useful programming tool for this, which is an Inhibit Playback. What you can do, is record your cues normally with SmartTag enabled, recording your whole lighting state for each cue including the haze. However, in the Playback settings of your Hazer Playbacks, change the fader function to Inhibit. This Playback now acts as a Grand Master for the Hazer. Therefore when the fader is at full, the haze level from the Recorded cues will be output, but if you need the level taking down you can use your Haze Playback to inhibit the level of haze. Hope that helps and makes sense, any queries let me know. Edward
  6. Remote APPS

    Hi Steve, What router are you using? Is it set to assign DHCP, and if so is the FLX S set to use DHCP? Edward
  7. Houselights / Independent Faders

    Sorry Martin, a very reasonable question very badly answered by me! The best I can find so far is Jon's response here, but it's just a hint rather than a definitive answer to your question. I thought I'd seen this discussed somewhere but I can't find the post yet...
  8. Houselights / Independent Faders

    Hi, it is clear to me how I can program a sub or playback to control our house or working lights. What I don't want is that these playbacks are stored into any other cues or playbacks when they are on while recording. (It can happen that houselights are on during rehearsals, but I dont want to have them saved in my show). Hope it is clearer now. Martin
  9. Houselights / Independent Faders

    Of source - you have 241 playbacks on FLX and in it's simplest form with a single cue, a playback is what we used to call a submaster. <set up lighting> RECORD <select playbacks page, press button under multi-function fader> CLEAR-CLEAR Push up fader! Easy peasy You might want to visit the options under SETUP+MFF button and the cue window for that playback, VIEW+MFF button, to set fade times.
  10. Houselights / Independent Faders

    Hi All, it it possible to have 'independent' Submasters, which will not be stored in any cues etc.? I would need such functionality to control House and Working lights which should not be stored into the show. This would be normal dimmer channels, nothing special. Regards, Martin
  11. Remote APPS

    I have a similar problem with an Ipad I am also struggling to connect to the desk the Ipad doesn't "see" the desk even when i input the IP address.
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  13. ZerOS Monitor for PC

    Version 1.4.0


    ZerOS Monitor emulates an additional external touchscreen monitor on your PC. This is also available as an App for iOS and Android. Full information can be read here: http://support.zero88.com/999689141
  14. Showtec Shark Wash One

    Hi Kevin, Thanks very much for that, will ensure it is included in Fixture Library 36. Edward
  15. ZerOS 7.9.4 Released

    Zero 88 are pleased to announce the launch of ZerOS version 7.9.4 software - a new software release for ORB Series, Solution Series, FLX & FLXS, SCD Server (& Pro) and Leap Frog 48 & 96. More information can be found at zero88.com/software/zeros If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at the office. Our contact details are: email: support@zero88.com phone: 01633 838088 Best Regards,
  16. ZerOS 7.9.4

    Version 7.9.4


    Operating Software for ORB Series, Solution Series, FLX Series, SCD Server (& Pro) and Leapfrog 48 & 96 lighting consoles. Files included within the link are: ZerOS installation software Release notes for version 7.9.4 software, including update instructions, in pdf format Phantom ZerOS, the offline editor. For FROG 2, click here. For all previous versions of ZerOS, and their respective release notes, click here.
  17. Advice - S24

    Thanks very much for the excellent review! And don’t forget the FLX S48 doubles the Fixture count, number of Playbacks, Groups and Palettes to 96 of each. Edward
  18. Advice - S24

    Hi, The FLX range are really great consoles all running the ZerOS system. Very easy to use and if the 7inch built in touchscreen on the S24 isn't enough, you can connect to a WiFi router and use a laptop or tablet as a second screen. This feature is also great for focussing sessions away from the desk using the remote app. You'll find the colour picker, where you can up load photos into the touchscreen and pick out colours very handy for conference work (corporate colours). The patch wizard is very user friendly and newer RDM fixtures will automatically be added through the award winning RigSync. Colour palettes can be automatically generated, picked through the colour window or a Lee Mood board can be picked of colours that are tried and tested together. The auto palettes function also works for positions, beamshapes, effects, groups or macros. This generators some great colour, position, intensity and focus/iris effects, which can be automatically offset by a press of a button in four different ways. In conclusion the S24 is a great console with 48 playbacks that can be defined as a single scene, cue stack or chase. The desk is limited to 48 fixtures and 48 of each palette type, but wow what value for the price tag.
  19. Advice - S24

    Hi I'm looking for some advice. I am looking for a new control platform. I have used zero88 desks before intact I still have a sirrus for conference work. I currently use martin mpc as it fits the bill on cost and functionality and the 2d view is a great help when prepping offline. However given the elation take over I have no confidence in the support future of this product. The flx s24 looks a good fit to my work but would like some advice from current users - my main issue is I think I would miss the 2d view offline capability too much and don' particularly want to purchase licensing for a simulator. My work is small to med music events. I don't hire in so the fixtures I use are fairly static but in short normally consist of 10x led moving head washes 8x mac 550 moving heads 8 channels of generic dimming Let bars Etc I never have needed to use more than 1 universe (or even get close). I know zero 88 support is top notch.
  20. Hi Ed/Jon, Here are fixture profiles for the Showtec Shark Wash One, not in the gft35 library (Zoom and Spot are in there, not the Wash). Regards, Kevin (I thought I posted this last night, but I don't see it, sorry if this is a duplicate entry). Showtec_Shark_Wash_One.ift
  21. colour &zoom in submasters

    Hi Pol, Do you want the focus to snap and the colour intensity to rise and lower with the playback fader? This could be achieved by make a cue stack in the playback. The first cue snaps the focus into position with no fade times. Then use the second cue to raise the colour with a fade time and set trigger to auto follow cue 1. Reverse the steps for releasing lower the intensity. Make sure tracking is set on. eg Cue 1 Record focus with no fade time on the go trigger Cue 2 Fade up the colour intensity on an auto trigger after previous cue Cue 3 Fade down the colour intensity on the go trigger Cue 4 Record focus with no faded time on an auto trigger after previous cue You will need to use the button under the playback to trigger and release, but as long as the raise and lower on the fader is enable, this will allow the colour intensity level to be controlled as well.
  22. hello, we use both led parcans (Briteq pro beamer MK2 /AR2D) and led fresnels (Briteq BT theater /STD.P) the issue is when we used the submaster. We try to store the colours and the focus in the submaster both. And keep it fixed. i play with the submaster behavior and the defaults in the set up. Or the colour is fixed, or the focus. I try several options, but the issue stays. Or the colour is ok and the focus walks away when the submaster is zero. Or the focus is ok and the colour behavior doesn't listen to the stored value. Any suggestion? kindly regard pol
  23. Save failed mid run loosing cues

    Hi Shanebyrne96, What version of software are you running? Why are you sure it's not a battery issue? It sounds exactly like that based upon your description. If you can recreate loosing cues and edits, please can you try entering and leaving SETUP just before turning off the console - do you still loose any cues? Jon
  24. Random intensity effect

    Is there any way to make this effect and upload through usb to the os?
  25. Hey, Im currently running a show and I have encountered save issues. Essentially the desk saved the show mid programming and froze. I was forced to power off and on. I lost about. 30% of my cues. Every time I power down I am missing different cues and edits. Thankfully the final show will save onto the usb stick and it seems to load okay. But its not saving onto the desk. Its not a battery error as I have had that before. This seems different . Is there a way to wipe the memory completely.? I have 4 shows left and I can't risk the usb corrupting and not loading.
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  27. Hi Steve, the answer is no, the FLX will be missing the drivers required to use the dongle.
  28. Is it possible to use a wireless dongle via USB to connect my FLX s 48 to my network?
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