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  2. Jester 24/48

    Jesters have always had the ability for a maximum of 500 cue “slots”. These cues can then be numbered from 0.1-999.9, however the maximum number you can have is 500. On FLX S24 you have the ability to program cue 0.01-9999.99 across 49 Playbacks, however the max total cues is 9999. It is a way of allowing you to number your cues with as much flexibility as possible. Hope that helps Edward
  3. Jester 24/48

    It could be that on higher Jester models (ML, TL) maybe more RAM is fitted? Or it could be as my earlier post that "1.n" to "999.n" is just a reference and you can have 500 of them! Seems like you need to save quickly for that FLX! All the best, Kevin
  4. Fixture Swap-Out - HowTo

    Thanks Jon. For future reference, "beta" above refers to ~ (probably) or later. This function is thus expected to be production in 7.9.3.
  5. Jester 24/48

    Thank you for the answer... in fact on the Jester instructions for use it is indicated: "Low Memory Warning: The Jester has a maximum capacity of 500 memories, ...." As indicated in a previous post, when I could do a test with this console and a older soft, I had access (Memory empty of course) to 49 memories + inserts. = 500 memories. And so on the console that I just received, I have in program mode, 999 memories. So if physically (RAM) I have 500 memories but on the soft I have 999 memories, I tell myself that in fact everything that exceeds 500, 501, 502, 503, etc, it is useless since the memory will be full! It's a bit like a car that rolls at 180 KM / H and the meter goes up to 240 KM / H. From which my logical question to know if on the last models, it is just the soft one which allows to go up to 999 memories or if on the side Hardware, the capacity was heard! FLX or FLX S 48.... Then of course I expect to spend well in 6 or 7 months, when I have the money, to an FLX. The jester will become a backup console AND / OR a secondary console. I often have 2 consoles. 1 which is for programming (LANBOX) and a traditional control room to access live a number of projectors. And that is handy! I use some few moving head, lots of LED (PAR 64) et few traditional PAR and PC. And all of this for Dance Show. I work in theater way. Work with a written conduct. part after part, and most of the time between 150 à 300 effects ! thank you for your attention Eric VDA
  6. Frog 2 Firmwareupdate ???

    Dear Kevin, thx for you help, but I still use the Zero Tools for creating a Stick, so it could't be wrong. This is the outlook after creating the stick: https://picload.org/view/dropcdor/zerobootstick.jpg.html But I also have copy the datas in root directory, but always same result, console boot in 7.8.0
  7. Forum (2017) - link to www.zero88.com

    (On which note, Jon's graphic is not being displayed this morning - seemed to be showing ok last night...). Admittedly I'm on my work laptop this morning and last night on my home PC. But both Win10 and Chrome browser. ETA: Hmmm, rendering ok at home still...! Weird. Maybe a firewall at work...
  8. Jester 24/48

    Eric, As far as I can remember from having seen the Jester as it was originally released (and demo'd to me by a very new to Zero88 Peter Kirkup!) - the Jester has always had 999 memories but inserts and chases are added from the top end of the internal memory so in effect insert memory 0.1 uses the space for memory number 999 and chase 1 step 1 would then occupy the space for memory 998 and so on. There's been no major hardware upgrade for the Jester since launch either so it would be perfectly possible to update an older model with the new software - the changes in the software have been mostly to clean up the way submaster memory handling and channel faders in wide mode happened. It's possible that the desk you originally saw had lots of long chases programmed and this would drag down the available scene memories. The manual has always been a difficult thing to read (which was the bane of my life as I handed over installs with Jesters) and has "suffered" from being further down the "To do" list than the exciting software and console developments. I've also found that once users understand the difference between Record & playback modes and use the desk for a few shows - they don't need the manual, the updates made by Jon & co have made it a more intuitive desk to use. If you do need a show with lots of cues & chases (and I've only met one user who did) then it is possible to save first half of a show to a USB stick then reload the second half from a second stick (two sticks labelled saves a lot of confusion compared to saving both parts on the same stick!). If you really do need lots of memory then you should be looking to use a ZerOS desk - either Solution or FLX which will allow far more complex programming than you'll achieve with a Jester.
  9. Forum (2017) - link to www.zero88.com

    No it didn't - I bet he keeps a few on his hard drive for such occasions
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  11. Frog 2 Firmwareupdate ???

    Hi Pip, Just a thought to check: the new software will need to be in the root directory of the USB drive otherwise the desk won't see it. Can you check that's the case? Kevin
  12. Frog 2 Firmwareupdate ???

    Hi, it is formatted in FAT32, I use a old laptop with XP, working well (have never seen the world wide web :D) thank's for your reply, Edward.
  13. Forum (2017) - link to www.zero88.com

    Nice one! Bet it took you longer to find that graphic than add the tab! Thanks Jon!
  14. Jester 24/48

    So thank. Indeed on the manual, it was indicated that in "Run" mode we have half of the faders in preset mode and the other half in submaster mode. But with the update, it could have evolved to have on both rows of Fader, while preset or while submaster. Question 1 to Jon: About the cues on a Jester model that I was able to try a few days ago with an older version of Soft, there were only 50 Cues available. With inserts 0.1 to 0.9, it allows to have 500 cues. On the Jester that I just bought there are 999 cues. And the inserts still exist. Was there just a soft evolution? Or is there more memory? Question 2 to Jon: Is there a more user manual that I can download? Because between the PDF version and the version of Soft, I imagine that there must have been evolutions ... Thank you for your reply.
  15. USB Keyboard

    Thank a lot. I will try with PC Keyboard. Eric
  16. USB Keyboard

    Most (possibly all?) Apple keyboards have a built in USB hub, which might be causing it not work.
  17. Jester 24/48

    Thanks, marketing will get this updated :-) Kevin's correct :-)
  18. USB Keyboard

    Hi Eric, A Windows compatible Keyboard can be attached to Jesters via USB to name cues/submasters. Try using a Keyboard designed for Windows PCs and see if that works for you. Kind regards Edward
  19. Frog 2 Firmwareupdate ???

    Hi Pip, Ok thanks for trying that. What is the USB Stick formatted to? To find out in File Explorer on your PC, right click on the USB stick -> Properties. Make sure it is formatted to FAT16 or FAT32. Kind regards Edward
  20. Move in Dark problems when jumping cues

    Poke - to ask if 7.9.3 as the "third" might have this in? Thanks.
  21. Jester 24/48

    Hi Eric, I'm not sure I fully follow your question, but I had a bit of a read of the manual around this. I will base my comments on you saying you have a Jester 24/48 which has two rows of 24 faders in a 2-preset organisation. If I understood the manual correctly... I didn't find it fully unambiguous myself... In Program Mode, you will be using the faders to set the lighting levels of 24 lighting channels (traditional 2-preset fader layout), or 48 channels if you're in Wide mode (2-preset emulation based on one set of 48 physical faders with software paging). In Program Mode, the channel flash buttons are used to program the submaster that will correspond to that same number once in Run mode. When in Program Mode you don't actually have any submaster faders i.e. you can't assemble a lighting look using submasters in order to program a memory. Once you're in Run mode then you have a fixed mix of fader usage. The top row of faders [Preset A] can be used as HTP overrides of the given channel. Those channels will be 1-24 and if you are set for Wide mode, then you'll have to use [Page A] button to get access to channels 25-48. Similarly, when in Run Mode, the bottom row of faders [Preset B] are devoted to submasters. Initially that is submasters 1-24 and you press [Page B] button to get to submasters 25-48. So in Run mode, you can't operate the faders as 2x24 or 1x48 (Wide). Nor can you operate them as 48 submasters. The mix of channel control and submaster is fixed. In fairness to Zero88 I think they packed a lot of functionality onto the faders in as simple method as they could. Giving other "mix" options would arguably be beyond the use model of customers adopting such a console. The predecessor of the Jester 24/48, the Alcora, which I have, does not have any submaster capability, and this looks to be a great addition on the Jester, even if it doesn't have the assignment flexibility maybe you seek. I'd get that FLX asap if I were you! Hope that was of some assistance. Of course, if that changed in later software versions to the manual, I'm ignorant to that! Kevin
  22. Jester 24/48

    Yes I think that between versions of software and user mode, there is a big gap ... I will try to see at Zero 88, if I can have more information on the evolutions between the old versions 3 and the version 4 ... To know if there was just software or software/hardware evolution... And also to have the answers at the level of the memories as possibilities from this console. Knowing that as I said above, this console will serve me as a backup console when I have a FLX / FLX S ... thank you for your help Eric
  23. I can't post in "News and Announcements" so have to start a topic here. We used to be able to get back to the main Zero88 site from the Forum. There doesn't seem to be a click zone to do that now. OK, so I just edit off the "/forum" bit in the URL but that is a bit of a drag because I have to wake my fingers up. When I'm helping other users on your behalf (*) it can be necessary to go back to the main site to provide a link for documentation/software/related products etc so making this easy helps us help you if you are able to add this. Thanks, Kevin * Yes I know the Forum is there for users to help users and is not there just for Zero88 to answer questions, but you get my drift . I'm a resource not on the payroll...!
  24. Jester 24/48

    Hi Eric, I suspect what you need are a complete set of Release Notes to bridge between the Software Version described in the manual and that on the desk. With the Fat Frog, the most recent, most powerful, most radical and sometimes most useful features were described (in some detail) in the release notes! I found this page for the Jester. There are release notes, but from a quick glance they only seem to cover the most recent changes. Maybe you can find some useful information here. After that maybe Jon or Ed (Zero88) can fill in the blanks for you. http://support.zero88.com/Legacy-products/Legacy-Consoles/Jester-12-24-24-48/975199541/Jester.htm Kevin Jon: The "Software Update" link for Jester is broken on the top Lighting Consoles page, This one: http://zero88.com/support/index.php?/Knowledgebase/List/Index/32/software
  25. Jester 24/48

    I agree with you. If a memory can contain "X mega", it will not be able to store more than its physical capacity! But since the notice that I have is a version 3 something and the console is version 4.1, there is a lot of questioning ... In fact on the basic specifications, and on the menus of older models of the Jester, the display corresponds to the technical specifications. In my case, I just want to know if in this version 4.1, the display is just a software improvement, or display 1 to 999 (+ inserts) without being able to write more than 500 memories ... Or if there have been changes to the latest models produced by ZERO 88. In fact on the instructions for use of the Jester 24/48, a lot of things are not indicated. For example, there is no representation on the record of what is displayed on the video screen. Memories, submaster, keyboard access, display of USB memories, etc ... Thank you for helping you
  26. Jester 24/48

    If I understood you correctly, just because the desk will allow 10 inserts (on other desks this is 10 "point" cues) on a cue numbered anything 1-999 it does not mean the desk has the internal memory to hold 10 inserts on every memory 1-999. I would understand it that the desk can hold 500 memories. You can number these 500 memories using a cue number of the format nnn.m. So for example you might have cues (viz "memories") 1,2,3,5,7,7.5,15,15.2,15.8,17,20 etc etc where there are no more than 500 of these. The point cues usually come about because during programming the director asks for a lighting change between the cues you have already recorded. Gaps in the numbering happen because you delete a cue or decide you didn't want to record that cue in the first place. Certainly in my experience, when I prepare my proposed cue list from the script and discussions with the director, when I get to tech rehearsal and actually do the programming, the director asks for an unplanned change, which can results in a point cue (so I don't have to renumber cues in all of my documentation), or I/we decide not to do a lighting change we had envisaged to do - which results in a gap in the numbering. It seems Jester has this sort of flexibility - which for example I did not have with my first programmable desk, the Alcora - where I had to strategically leave blank memory (cue) numbers in case I needed an "insert"! On FLX, you can have 100 "point" cues, for example a cue numbered 15.24, but that does not mean the desk has memory capacity for 9999x100 cues. HTH Kevin
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